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What is the Best Way to Hire Trade Show Models in Miami?

Having the appropriate team to represent your company and your brand is crucial for your trade show success, but choosing the right modeling agency and professionally trained models can take you a long way in catching the potential buyers’ and clients’ attention.

Forming a team to work your company's trade show stand is a critical point between a successful show and a complete waste of resources, time, finances, and energy.

The first step is to form a team. Your team has to represent your company at its best and fulfill many tasks that help you achieve your company's goals at the event. It has to help you reflect your company's brand image, but then again the trade show environment as well. Quality and professionalism should be put first so the exhibitor can consider specific characteristics to be able to represent the right image for their company at the trade show.

How to find talent in Florida?

The answer to your question is The Kat Agency - a top agency among Miami modeling agencies. The agency features trade show models who are not only eye-catching, friendly and bubbly but with a distinguished personality, classy, highly confident and by all means, appealing to exhibitors. Kat’s models are entirely able to represent the brand with sophistication to draw in attendees. When it comes to events with many attendees, establishing a noticeable appealing face of your brand or business is beyond crucial. This attractive face will be remembered and will last much longer than the trade show itself. Such a look can be delivered only with a trade show model.

As we all know, the first impression is the most important one, and you have to make sure trade show models are doing the best they can promoting you in a highly professional way with a glance of beauty, style, and education. Why is that so? Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you have highly skilled, enthusiastic fair trade show models already informed about your company and goals it is a win-win combination. This approach will give your trade show booth some vibrancy that will be highly appealing to all the visitors.

When you choose to hire models from some of Miami modeling agencies, you will need to recognize the ones that have excellent knowledge about product presentation; models who can speak to crowds without much difficulty and with a high level of self- confidence. Recruiting from successful Miami modeling agencies may be a significant advantage if you have technical products as well. Experienced models that are educated too, will bring an intellectual, yet sexy spark to your booth.

Hiring and finding the right trade show model can be confusing and challenging, but that is why we are here to help. To make it more convenient for you, here are a few tips on how to hire trade show models for your booth.


1. Make Sure you Know Precisely What Kind of Models You Need




          To successfully represent your company at a trade show by using trade models you have to make sure what your goals are and according to that, future tasks for the models. Do you need a highly skilled model who will promote your company as a brand ambassador and a spokesperson, or you need a pretty face of a promoter? Educated and trained trade show models in collaboration with your staff should help drive traffic to the booth, help with lead generation and should also make presentations more appealing and exciting.



2. Ask for Professional Resumes and Photos



           In the Instagram era of photos, it can be tricky to choose a model due to the use of all filters and tricks. So you have to be concise and precise about what exactly you are looking to find. Request a no-filter, and clear headshot smiling image and a ¾ body shoot as they are standard one in the industry.

           A robust and professional resume should include all sorts of work a candidate has done so far and should be in chronological order so it would be more convenient for you.



3. You Need Experienced Talent, so Look For It



           All details about models’ work, skills and experience should be included, like as if model worked as a brand ambassador, trade show model, promotional model, product expert, runway model, photo model, retail, sales, presenter, hostess or presenter. Think twice, choose wisely and don't forget how much choosing the right model can benefit your business. Also, make sure to plan how many models would you need.



4. Interview Your Future Models, if Possible



           After you narrow your selection, you should set the interview via Skype or some other platform. Why? Your future model should be able to lead an intellectual conversation spontaneously and positively also by using nonverbal communication/body language. A highly skilled and educated talent should be capable of drawing and capturing visitors’ attention, and you can tell if the model fulfills that request by merely holding an interview.  



5. Always Opt for Highly Trained and Educated models



           What you need is a properly trained trade show model that can be more than just a pretty face at your booth. As you know, the model has to engage and attract your future customers. A trade show model will be part of your company during the show so it would be highly beneficial for you to provide them with the right training about your company’s features before they hit the stage.



6. Hire a Top Promotional Modeling Agency



           Save cost and time by hiring top quality promotional modeling agency. Among Miami modeling agencies, The Kat Agency will get local and highly trained trade show models. None of these models will come unprepared to the show. The agency briefs their models on your brand, and they will only go to the event once they are ready to represent your brand or product as if they were working with you for a long time since that is their profession. They will know exactly how to take and grab the attention of the right prospects. Their skills and appearance allow them to draw new people in, keeping them focused on the most important thing, and that is your brand.

So be the one who will make a difference! Stand out and go big. Don’t just blend in and only be one of many. The perfect modeling agency will stand by your side and make sure to lead you all the way to achieving your company's goals and dreams.


When it comes to finding the best way to choose and hire the best fair trade show models in Miami, you have to make the difference and go professional because it is your brand or product you are launching in orbit, so make sure you make a difference and stand out!

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