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The Value of Promotional Models: Modeling Agencies in Miami

If you’re thinking about hiring a promotional model from modeling agencies in Miami for your brand, you’re on the right track that leads to successful marketing.

Remember that billboard that grabbed all of your attention for several seconds? Or that magazine ad that caused you to take another look at that page? How about the commercial that made you hit the rewind button on your DVR? This is the exact effect promo girls have at your event or booth. What you are looking for is several seconds of attention drawn your way and it’s the model’s job to grab those seconds.

Just like the billboard catches the eye of the driver, just like a commercial catches the attention of the viewer, promo models will get you that second, and maybe third or fourth look you wouldn’t get otherwise. That split-second advantage over your competition is crucial. Hiring a professional promo model to represent your product or brand is a proven way to guarantee you’ll get the attention of attendees. That attention is what your brand is fighting for at any live setup and hiring a professional to do this is the best possible decision you could make.

With a professional promo model, you don’t just get a pretty girl to stand by your booth. You get an extension of your staff, a trained professional who not only knows how to grab the attention of attendees, but how to keep that attention focused on your brand, as well. Successful modeling agencies train their promotional models for each event by briefing them about your brand, what it represents, what they need to know and how to approach the public on your behalf. The model does this for a living, and she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t – because she has done this successfully numerous times before.

A professional model takes the split second of a person’s attention and quickly turns it into a completely natural, organic sales pitch you most certainly wouldn’t be able to achieve with your everyday staff. Not because your staff is unprofessional, but because this simply isn’t their profession. A promo model is a walking billboard, a living, walking, talking print ad that knows how to take that extra step and use the attention instead of just grabbing it.

Promotional models can create a lively, positive, feel-good environment. Pretty much any girl can sit around at your booth and hand out free merchandise. A professional promo model is not just any girl. She knows how to create an environment that people want to spend time in and draw other people in. A promo model can control the room and there’s nothing better for a brand than taking full control over the room they’re presenting their products or services in.

Using promotional models is a perfect way to captivate the audience by grabbing even just an inch of their attention. Here are several ways models can help you achieve your goals.

All Eyes on Your Brand

People are drawn to attractive people. This is an undeniable fact. When you have a gorgeous model standing at your booth with a sparkly smile and a friendly attitude, wearing your brand’s colors and logo – you can rest assured it’s going to draw the attention of attendees.

Use promotional models to hand out fliers. Use them to demonstrate your products or hand out free merchandise. Have them be the beautiful face of your brand by placing that face in images from the events. Let the public relate the model to your brand; let them remember your brand by remembering the model’s beautiful personality.   

Promote Your Brand and Collect Data

When an attractive promotional model asks people for their info, like their email address or phone number, those people are more likely to hand it out than they would if a regular salesperson asked for the same thing.

A massive email database is a key to boosting your brand and growing as a company. But you don’t need just any email address – you need the emails of the people who might be interested in your brand. Promotional events are the best places to collect valuable emails because you already know all the attendees are your potential customers.

Promo models are amazing at being the voice of your brand. Let’s say you are a liquor brand and you hire a model to walk around, mingle and hand out samples speaking about the most remarkable advantages your brand has over other brands. This is rarely a miss and almost always a home run.

Creating a Positive Vibe around Your Brand

When you use a promo model, chances are you are going to put potential advocates in a good mood. A good mood is the best possible mood for a sales pitch, and promo models know this. This creates a bubbly atmosphere that leaves your potential customers more open to the pitch you’re trying to get into at any event. People, in general, are very reluctant to sales pitches a majority of the time. It’s just how things are. The best thing you can do is let a promo model charm everyone at the event and create a positive mood around your brand as a whole. People will be far more open to anything a smiling, beautiful model offers to them while they’re having a great time.

As The Kat Agency promotes: environment first. The job of professional modeling agencies in Miami is to create an environment for everyone involved in order to successfully reach your marketing goals.  

Promotional models are so much more than just girls you see on auto show displays, and they have been much more than that for a long time. There are so many ways promo models can help your business. Many of these models are college graduates; many of them speak several languages. They are able to help you present your company, brand or product in the most effective way. A professional model from a reputable modeling agency can easily bring all your marketing efforts to a new level.

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