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Talent Agencies in Florida: The Value of Trade Show Models

The key to a successful trade show is grabbing the attention of attendees and delivering your story to potential leads the best way possible. Brands do whatever they can to grab and keep the attention of attendees, and hiring a professional trade show model can take you a long way.

With the presence of trade show models, you make sure you have all eyes on your message. Trade show models aren’t just eye candy. Talent agencies in Florida feature models that are able to bring so much more than just a pretty face to a trade show. These models are smart, educated, and professional enough to act as your brand’s advocates when interacting with the masses.

The Kat Agency features trade show models that not only grab the attention of your attendees, but also have the abilities to act as spokesman or spokeswomen for your company or brand. When it comes to events with many attendees, establishing a recognizable face of your brand or business is crucial. This face will last much longer than the trade show itself – this is a face that’s going to be remembered. No one can deliver such a face better than a trade show model.

Trade Show Models Increase ROI

Trade show models can do a magnificent job at demonstrating or displaying your product or idea. Since the eye-catching physique of these models already has all eyes looking at your booth, presenting your product or service the right way is the next crucial step – and trade show models can do this for you with ease.

Using a trade show model to demonstrate or display your product allows them to put on a show for the attendees, and after a remarkable show, sales usually start pouring. Trade show models bring all the attention to your product so all your regular employees have to do is get the sales done.

Trade show models aren’t reserved for booths only – they have experience in eye to eye interaction with future prospects and they are brilliant at mingling. They can step out of your booth and mingle, grabbing the attention of attendees who haven’t seen your product yet. You can even have them implemented as a street team before and during the event. This way you will easily build awareness and trigger curiosity among attendees. The models can interact with people by conducting surveys or taking your products to the customers for a quick presentation, there is a wide array of benefits from using professional trade show models. These are just some of the many ways in which trade show models increase your ROI.

The Advantages  of Using Trade Show Models Instead of Your Own Staff:

Sending your own staff to an event can be pretty costly, not to mention the fact their regular day to day operations have to be paused so they would be able to focus on the event. It takes time, it takes money, and it takes away from your company’s productivity.

The benefits of using trade show models from top talent agencies in Florida are too many to count. First and foremost, you are saving a lot of money on travel costs. Second, you’re allowing your employees to continue with their regular work and keep their everyday tasks at optimal productivity levels. Then there is the fact that trade show models know exactly how to approach the attendees in order to get the best results because this is their profession and no one can do it better.

When you work with a serious, professional agency that knows exactly what works and what doesn’t, you will get to work with trade show models that act as an extension of your company.  Attendees will see them as a part of your brand and the models will make sure to do a magnificent job at advocating your brand, product, or service.

At The Kat Agency, you will get local and trained trade show models. None of these models will come unprepared to the show. They are briefed on your brand and they only go to the event once they are ready to represent your brand or product as if they were working with you for a long time. Models do this for a living, it is their profession. They are trained to hit key talking points, to take the right actions and grab the attention of the right prospects. Their charisma allows them to literally draw new people in, keeping them focused on what matters – your brand.

Some of these traits might or might not be a part of your current employees’ personas, but you can be rest assured the chances to find them all in one employee who doesn’t have rich experience working on trade shows – are slim. Not only will you save money and time, you will also improve your brand’s approach and overall appearance.

In addition, local talent featured at the Kat Agency has the advantage of knowing the attendees because they know the people in the area of the show. This is an advantage your employees simply can’t achieve. These models know the mindsets of the people in attendance and they know how to approach them. The attendees relate to them very easily, recognizing them as locals and it’s in human’s nature to be attracted to the familiar.

The guest talent at trade shows can be game-changing.  The best recipe for a successful trade show entry is combining the sales experts you already have on your team with professional trade show models. Trade show models will grab the attention of everyone and represent your brand in a remarkable way. Then it’s up to your staff to close the deal.

Using trade show models costs less in terms of both time and money, and the results of professionals doing what they’re best at never fail to satisfy. The Kat Agency knows how to work with various brands and they have local talent in many locations. All you need to do is schedule a meeting.

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