Wardrobe & Food Styling

Common uses

  • Custom branding
  • Consistent branding
  • Turnkey editorial production
  • Consistent messaging
  • Restaurant, lodging, or hospitality content production
  • Luxury brand-customer interaction

Commonly paired with

  • Day of coordination
  • VIP services
  • Luxury brand activations

Perfection is all in the details, and it is often the smallest of details that can be the most difficult to get right. This can make or break your photoshoot, campaign or event.

The Kat Agency has a mission to allow brands to differentiate themselves. We accomplish this by sourcing and providing to you the best talent in the country, and also by ensuring that these talent have the best attitude. Nothing can kill a model’s confidence quicker than having to wear an outfit that doesn’t fit properly or is uncomfortable.

The Kat Agency’s founder, Kat Quinn, started her career as a model before developing her agency. She also studied fashion in Italy, interned with DKNY, and worked as a personal shopper for Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York, and as a lead wardrobe Stylist on Hollywood Movies and big production shoots. Over the past 16 years in the fashion, events and modeling industries, Kat has accumulated and sourced a warehouse of wardrobe to accommodate any brand’s needs.

There is huge difference between have 4 greeters at an event that show up in their own black cocktail dress and heels, and having 4 greeters in matching shoes, skirts, shirts, scarves and hats, with height, hair and makeup to match. You never get a second chance at a first impression, and having those 4 greeters in theme is a statement. Much like how guests judge a restaurant on the quality of it’s bathrooms (to show the quality of its kitchens), brands that invest in the details show they invest in specifics and truly care about it’s impression.

This is why The Kat Agency is proud to include a full complement of styling options to its clients. Verifying talent sizing prior to events, The Kat Agency ensures all talent that arrive look forward to the event, and are excited to see the outfits organized. When talent are excited to be part of a shoot, or event, this makes a world of difference in the outcome. Going the extra mile on these details, will ensure an ROI for your brand, product or service.

Wardrobe has become so popular with talent, that Kat now buys extra wardrobe, as talent often purchase the garments after events. Check out our shopping site www.shoppingkat.com to see more on this. Food Styling was a logical progression in providing turnkey solutions for events and photoshoots. After executing the highest end of luxury events around the country, we’ve partnered with those caterers who are experts at not only providing delectable food, but also preparing and styling the food to look amazing in photos. Most applicable uses for food styling may be seen in photo shoots or video production for resorts and hotels, real estate, the yachting and plane industries, VIP suites, etc. The Kat Agency’s ability to provide turnkey solutions for photoshoots and productions make us a common resource for these services.

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