Trade Show Models & Conference Staff

Common uses

  • Booth hostess
  • Lead Generator
  • Trade Show production (registration, security, directional support, etc.)
  • Branded or themed models
  • Logistics and planning (pre,during, post) trade show

Commonly paired with

  • Ipad rental
  • Day of coordination
  • Wardrobe styling
  • Catering services
  • Production Assistance
  • VIP concierge

Trade Shows are the bread and butter for many brands in every industry imaginable. Often occurring in large conference halls, trade shows bring together the leaders in any given field, as an opportunity to showcase new products, or meet new customers. Trade Shows require logistics, planning, organization, and execution to be perfect. At The Kat Agency, we are true Trade Show Experts, and we absolutely LOVE logistics. Aiding in staffing some of the largest Trade Shows in the country, we understand the flow, layout, and process to succeed. Trade Show Models execute a number of roles. They act as lead generators, brand specialists, and add liveliness to the booth. At The Kat Agency, we hand select and train our models to understand how best to operate and speak with prospective customers. It is crucial that the model be cognizant of who these attendees are the first day, and to pay extra attention if they return.

Specializing in high end talent, we have models who speak up to 5 languages fluently and are professionally trained in etiquette schools. With our headquarters in Miami, Florida, our management team understands how to operate in a market where both English and Spanish are a requirement. If multiple languages is necessary for your brand’s success when communicating to attendees, then selecting certified multilingual talent is a must! The Kat Agency has professional translators that test all bi, tri and multilingual talent and our management team are pros at ensuring the perfect brand and model match. Whether your event is in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, or Los Angeles, we have the Trade Show Talent for you. Trade Show Models can maintain booth appearance and customer service when clients are already engaged. They can greatly increase and lead traffic to the booth, boost morale, and significantly impact the overall impression and success of a booth and brand.

specialty and they'll all agree when working with Q&T they see greater visibility, customer engagement, leads, and value from a trade show.

Avoid BIG mistake #1 :

Given the tremendous expense most brands endure to exhibit at a trade show, build a booth and ensure proper signage, promotional materials and selling materials, a brand often mistakenly thinks that internal office staff can handle a trade show. Why should brands hire local talent that excel at trade shows, and not fly in their office staff?

1. Local talent are often less expensive than hosting an office employee’s travel, accommodations and meals for all days of a show.
2. Trade shows are not as glamorous as one expects and can be extremely hard on an individual’s physical and mental needs. The floors are most often always concrete, and generally uneven. If your office employee is used to sitting all day, their body, and especially their back, will start to hurt after a couple hours. Contract a local Trade Show Model that is used to these elements, can stand in heels and keep a genuine smile on their face for 8+ hours a day. Some trade shows can last as long as 16 hours, and up to 14 days in a row. The Kat Agency trade show hostesses are experts at working long days, and being on point the whole time.

Avoid BIG mistake #2:

Not having a point of contact onsight 48 hours prior to trade show start. A lot of brands will spend 6+ months planning trade shows, and then have everyone come in the day before the trade show starts. Considering most trade shows have 1,000+ exhibitors, this can be an incredibly stressful time. There are always unexpected things that come up. Having a production assistant who also doubles as a trade show booth hostess can save your sanity, and your brand. It can be the 1 hour registration line you didn’t anticipate, the limited food options, the extra passes you need, the water you want at your booth, or simply needing an extra pen. Extra capable, and on brand talent are a big help. Work with The Kat Agency and we will ensure you have proper organization, and will assist with branding this trade show asset.

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