On/Off Premise Sampling

Common uses

  • Product tours
  • Product Distribution
  • Beverage sampling campaigns
  • Food sampling campaigns
  • National sampling Campaigns

Commonly paired with

  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Brand Styling
  • Brand Management
  • Printing, branding
  • Event Planning and coordination
  • Product launch consulting and strategizing

On/Off premise promotions are a specialization of The Kat Agency. Let’s break down exactly what these promotions entail.

Off Premise:

Off Premise Promotions are activations that occur in the account where the product is sold. This is most commonly a liquor store. For example, you are launching a new Tequila brand. Over 90% of new liquor adoption comes through an introduction or sampling. Most people do not go into a liquor store and buy the Tequila they have never heard of; they drink what they are familiar with. The best way to get them to change or try a new product, is to give them a complimentary tasting. By far the most effective method to get them to sample is when they are making a buying decision. This is where The Kat Agency excels far beyond other agencies. We are experts at building “the Kit” the models use in this activation. This includes items such as tables, table cloths, sample cups, bottle buckets, promo swag, and the uniform the model will wear. Going above and beyond, The Kat Agency offers training with all of its talent, and ensures they understand the product being sampled. Using our technology, we can embed things such as incentives, recaps, real time photo sharing and social media coverage. Kat personally builds teams specialized for this sales interaction, and with coverage across the nation, The Kat Agency has completed promotions in all 50 states for over 100 liquor brands since starting in this business.

When executed correctly an off-premise promotion can be one of the most effective ways to get a direct ROI for your brand and increase sales. Inquire today about the many strategies The Kat Agency has successfully adopted over the years, and how we’ve proven ourselves to be industry leaders.

On Premise:

On Premise Promotions are activations that occur in a bar or restaurant setting where patrons can purchase a beer, wine or alcoholic drink with their liquor of choice. Using the same example of a Tequila brand, our promotional models will offer complimentary samples of the tequila as a single tasting or mixed into a cocktail to all patrons in the account. If the patron likes what he/she has tasted, we encourage them to order the regular sized drink at the bar, increasing revenue for the brand and the account. Generally, the featured product being sampled is also being offered as a speciality cocktail during the sampling hours. The promotional models can offer promotional swag as incentives for purchasing a drink.

Combining On/Off Premise Promotions:

Using the same Tequila as in reference above - If the brand wants to launch in a market such as California and Texas, two prominent Tequila drinking markets, The Kat Agency would formulate a campaign executing both on and off premise activations. Off Premise would be at high-traffic liquor stores, and On Premise would be at restaurants and nightlife spots that offer the Tequila. By using a split coordinated strategy, the results can be amazing and a market can achieve full recognition of the brand.

When choosing the company to manage your on/off premise campaign, there are a number of factors to consider. Market size, account location, target demographic and talent to match, wardrobe, warehouse logistics, purchasing options, and so much more. In the end, the result of the campaign is what matters. The Kat Agency offers the best talent geared towards these type of promotions, the training to succeed, the management and oversight of logistics, and a culture to allow everyone to thrive. Inquire about our case studies, and the tremendous campaigns we’ve organized and assisted. From national campaigns with Heineken, Red Stripe, and Empress Gin to high end product launches like Stoli Elit Special Edition in conjunction with the movie Atomic Blonde, The Kat Agency’s unrivaled relationship with its talent can be the difference for your brand.

We have a variety of options for how to execute your next on/off premise campaign! Whether it’s one market with 25 activations, or 12 markets with thousands of activations, we’re ready to take it on, and you can rest assured that we have proprietary technology to execute seamlessly. We are happy to provide testimonials and case studies demonstrating how a sampling campaign can go a long way!

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