Hospitality Support Staff

Common uses

  • Bartender
  • Bar Back
  • Greeter
  • Server
  • Registration
  • Lobby Ambassador
  • Doorman
  • Hosts & Hostess
  • Cocktail Waitress
  • Catering Staff
  • Mixologists
  • Coat Check

Commonly paired with

  • I - Pad rental
  • Wardrobe styling
  • Day of coordination
  • Advanced training and orientation
  • Translators

Hospitality Support Staff represent trained and oriented staff who can complete a number of functions geared towards the hospitality industry. This is most commonly referred to as but not limited to: concierge, bartenders, servers, barbacks, greeters, hostess/hosts, registration personnel, directional support, porters, elevator operators and hotel ambassadors!

The Kat Agency has a rich history of partnering with luxury hotels to fulfill temp positions on an on-demand basis. For example, when hotels host large events or conferences on their property and their current roster of employees is simply not enough to maintain the influx of hotel guests. Our talent can be contracted as short term staff to ensure customer service and guest needs are taken care of in appropriate manners.

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 5 minutes to destroy it, if you think about that you may do things differently" - Warren Buffett.

Incidents happen and plans do not always go as one expected. The luxury industry is based entirely around customer service. The Kat Agency is the perfect partner to ensure nothing but the highest levels of service are provided. It can be as simple as having talent dressed elegantly with a beautiful smile greeting guests as they enter a property, providing guidance for where an event is, to a row of champagne servers ready to serve. Using an unrivaled reputation, and the industry’s top talent, inquire today for a case study guide to see the large number of events The Kat Agency has executed with Hospitality Support Staff.

Hospitality support staff are also referred to as Event Staff. These talent are trained to work private events with specific focuses. Working registration, greeting, serving, hand passing cocktails, bartending, and running VIP, these are sophisticated models who know events and the hospitality industry. All trained by our management team, they are skilled at reading the energy in an event. Going far beyond filling one role, our models work as a team. If registration gets too busy, our teams knows to switch roles and handle the extra attention in that area. Bar getting backed up? Our team knows to transition another experienced model in bartending. With proper training, our models ensure that events go flawlessly. They are experts at execution.

Event Staff at The Kat Agency are all hand selected and trained. They are far more than a pretty face to welcome you. With strategic partnerships in liquor, water, and specialty drinks, our models all have experience with events ranging from select VIP small group outings, to large movie premieres with thousands of attendees. Bringing knowledge and experience, our staff can elevate any event they are a part of and ensure a positive, memorable experience for all.

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