Fashion & Editorial Models

Common uses

  • Print Campaigns
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Lifestyle campaigns
  • Building/Real Estate launches
  • Family branding
  • Promotional & Sales videos
  • Consistent branding for print & live marketing

Commonly paired with

  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Food Styling
  • Day of Coordination
  • Professional photography
  • Professional Makeup artists
  • Production Assistance

Fashion and Editorial Models are what one thinks of when you mention the term “model”. Think of Photoshoots, TV Commercials, Billboards, Runway and Magazine Ads and the talent that are featured in or used in the background. Models are professionals at looking good and maintaining an image that people idolize or look up to. They keep their bodies in peak performance shape, and are always photo ready. The best models do not need heavy editing, and are trained on how to pose best for their figure. The Kat Agency organizes only certain talent into this category, and has a dedicated talent concierge to constantly keep up with these specialized talent.

A new and very common trend is to hire “influencers” for campaigns as they have large followings. Influencers are another category of talent that consumers and individuals idolize and look up to. What individuals do not understand, is that influencers rely heavily on editing and being the exclusive outlet for their content to be featured. Many “influencers” will have anxiety attacks on their first shoot or runway show at the realization they cannot edit or approve the final content being published. They spend a substantial amount of time building an image, and are very sensitive to maintaining that image. This may not come across to the public eye in an Instagram post, but after completing over 1,000 photo shoots since starting in the industry, Kat Quinn has seen it all.

There are a number of factors which go into placing the correct fashion, editorial or influencer model. While looks are a large motivating factor, The Kat Agency also considers the models respect for time, flexibility, and communications as being substantial factors in making these decisions. The Kat Agency maintains a trained eye in depicting photoshop, filters and heavy editing on their models. The absolute worst feeling is when a brand books an influencer model based off his/her instagram, and shows up as a fraud, only discovering how much “face tune” and photoshop was used to alter their image. It can be a staggering 180 degrees from their digital impression.

We urge caution in brands that are launching a clothing line and decide to book based exclusively on “influencer status,” or their following base. Most of the time, influencers do not match their digital image, and as these can be large productions, with expensive repercussions, we advise all brands to book through a licensed and certified talent agency. The Kat Agency is experts at evaluating talent and matching the perfect fit for a campaign in order for it be most successful.

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