Brand Ambassador

Common uses

  • Store Openings
  • Product Launches
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Tours
  • Sporting events
  • Brand Communication
  • Brand Awarness

Commonly paired with

  • IPad rental
  • Custom printing, branding and swag
  • Custom wardrobe styling

A Brand Ambassador is a professional hired to represent your brand. They come in all shapes and sizes. The Kat Agency works with your brand to ensure you get the best representation possible. We do not operate with huge lists of talent and send whoever is available to represent you. We take time, evaluate your brand, analyze what will make the greatest contribution, and then work on placement. Priding ourselves on producing value added Brand Ambassadors, we are all about results and making sure your brand achieves its goals.

Brand Ambassadors have seen a huge rise in popularity since 2000, and especially with the rise of social media. It is very common for brands to hire Brand Ambassadors to increase consumer awareness, maintain a brand’s image and speak about their products with the goal of getting guests to take their picture highlighting the brand.

A very famous example is the #FijiWaterModel. Fiji Water desired to have an impression at the Golden Globes and placed a model on the red carpet to hand-pass Fiji Water to the attendees and celebrities. The Brand Ambassador Model not only offered their water to all VIPS walking down the carpet, but she was featured, or “photobombed” in the background in numerous photos. This was an incredible example of how strategically placing talent can have tremendous results. This campaign went viral and has been seen by tens of millions of individuals around the world via social media.

The Kat Agency is experts at putting together campaigns to increase your brand awareness. The results of the #FijiWaterGirl campaign were extraordinary, and brands can trust The Kat Agency to place the best people for a role like this, without the aftermath drama between the brand and the talent. For example, you can hire the best event planner or modeling agency in the world, but if they do not create a relationship with the talent who execute the event, and fail to provide a supportive environment, than everything can go amiss. With The Kat Agency, you can rest assured that we represent the best talent. By organically developing a true, national workforce, we place talent in roles they thrive in, with brands and clients they will love and be proud to support.

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