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VIP/White Glove

VIP clients have a certain level of expectation. It is either done perfect, or it done wrong. There is no in between. The Kat Agency has a long track record with top global brands because of the caliber of talent we engage.

It can be our elite team of former olympic gold medalists we source, prima ballerinas, professional cheerleaders, or former first class flights attendants; the talent at The Kat Agency is beyond your typical agency. Our founder Kat Quinn believes in a slogan of Lead by Example. The top talent in this field respect that, and that’s why they only work for Kat.

The Kat Agency features over 1,000 incredibly skilled talent who work exclusively for The Kat Agency. We don’t features the same talent listed in every “database” agency, but have a specialized roster, and track record with high end brands very few companies can touch.

If you have a special request for exceptional talent, please do not hesitate to contact us. From flying in previous Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated models, to top performers, musicians, and DJ’s, The Kat Agency has a tremendous rolodex, and has found a niche in providing for those who can’t chance anything less than the best.

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