Production Assistance

Production can be complicated. A lot of companies don’t want to bring their entire office to an event. They would rather source local talent, which is familiar with the area, speak the language, and can also save a lot of money. This is one of specialities of The Kat Agency.

Over the years it can be sourcing and organizing items in advance for major production, to acting as a warehouse to store and deliver materials. The kat Agency is a dependable partner you can rely on.

Given our primary role in managing an on-demand workforce 5,000+ strong, The Kat Agency can operate within budget, and complete amazing things. Don’t stress yourself with unnecessary logistics, people, and problems. Let our experienced production assistants take of these for you.

A few examples:

ON/Off premise promotions: Let The Kat Agency organize your campaign, scout locations, store all materials, handle shipping, and hire all promotional models.

Street Teams: Let The Kat Agency order, store, and distribute swag.

Trade Shows: Let The Kat Agency be your eyes and ears prior to your arrival. Handle early logistics, badging, and check you into hotels and convention centers. Have a resource outside the show to run errands, and take the stress off. Remember most trade shows can easily take 30 minutes just to enter and find your booth. Something simple like giving someone a badge, or getting lunch, can use up very valuable time. It’s often much easier to have a dedication production assistant.

Hospitality Support Staff: Let the Kat Agency assist your planning and execution. This can be a wide variety of tasks. This role is all about supporting your brand. Don’t leave anything to chance. We’ve seen everything from lost room keys to lost phones, and having a dedicated extra hand can be a huge difference maker.

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