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Photoshoot Production and Execution

Photoshoot production and execution is a specialization of The Kat Agency. Kat has been a model for so long, it’s something that comes naturally to her. After seeing brands spend small fortunes, only to miss a critical detail and have to start over, this is a service Kat generally completes herself. As the saying goes, “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

Kat provides everything from wardrobe and food styling, to a tremendous roster of resources for Hair/Makeup, vehicles, and venues.

By providing turnkey solutions, The Kat Agency can ensure photoshoot results. There is no need to ask a variety of vendors their status, track arrivals, and go crazy with communication. The Kat Agency technology allows tremendous organization, and peace of mind for brands that need new content, and don’t want the stress.

Contact Kat direct for more information on this service. . 443-204-1282

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