Problems we solve sections: Last minute/rush

last minute/rush services are fulfilled in 2 ways, big data and personal relationships.

Big Data: With a qualified database of 5,000+ talent we don’t rely on quantity to run our agency, but quality. Our founder, Kat Quinn, personally vets and selects all talent that join the agency. This allows her to understand her talent, and their capabilities far beyond your standard agency. When a client calls and needs X on a rush, within 1 minute Kat can search a proprietary system built unique for her agency, and get results. Being able to mass text, send push notifications, e-mail, and call talent, she can get the availability of her entire team through 1 click.

As a “total coverage option”, Kat then has designated leads for every major city, which can very quickly begin sourcing availability on a local level. All Kat’s talent are rockstars, she doesn’t believe you need more than 5,000 talent in a database to complete 99% of the opportunities in the United States. The reality is there are only so many gigs, and it’s much better to have talent that are constantly re-engaged, rather than a vast quantity barely ever used. The companies that brag they have 100,000+ talent really have a vast shallow pool of a company, where The Kat Agency is one big deep end.

Personal relationships: Kat started as a model working at a corporate level for one of the largest event producers, sponsors, and brand ambassador companies, Bacardi LTD. Kat understands the needs for each type of gig better than anyone. Being in the trenches for so long, Kat has developed relationships with talent that have lasted 10+ years, and quickly knows what types of talent are best for what gigs. Talent never leave Kat. It’s pretty crazy, but even top supermodels, and talent who go on to become doctor, lawyers, or even politicians, still stay on Kat’s roster and will step up when needed. It can be that crazy last minute request for a 40 year professional poker player model who needs to be in the Bahamas in 24 hours, Kat can do it. Yes this actually happened :).

Completing what was largely stated as impossible for most companies is where The Kat Agency excels. Have a last minute request? Challenge us to assist! We are very honest with our deliverables. We’ve done everything from provide French/English translators in under an hour for the French embassy to VIP flight attendants, and even MC’s for major events!

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