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Coordination and Logistics

Events are complicated dances that need sophisticated leadership to complete to perfection. The Kat Agency completes 6,000+ activations a year, and a large part of our 5 star reputation is the ability to execute events to the highest of standards.

Using state of the art proprietary technology, The Kat Agency has geolocation to track all staff and ensure timely arrival. Being able to communicate to all team members in an instant, and provide items like training and orientation via a custom mobile app allow teams to quickly adapt and execute to the highest of standards.

The Kat Agency specializes in bi and tri lingual talent. Operating in markets like Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and New York this is a huge differentiating factor. When Italian Brands want to invite VIPs to an event, nothing says VIP more than greeting guests and offering a service in their mother tongue. Most companies do not pay attention to details like this, but this is standard with The Kat Agency.

Becoming experts in on-demand staff and constantly adjusting to different events and venues, The Kat Agency event management team is unlike any other in the country. If you are a small or big event production team, and need to contract 20+ staff for your upcoming event of conference, does your team have the capability to manage and incentivize that team accordingly? We suggest 1 Executive Manager or Day of Coordinator for every 10 staff booked, if companies do not have management already worked in.

Producing events involves A LOT of moving parts and relying on vendors outside your corporation. Hiring a Day of Coordinator can assist you with any task ranging from organizing and overseeing those vendors, offering customer service to guests and event attendees, to simply being an extra pair of hands, set of eyes and an unbiased mind to assist you.

Ask for case studies and testimonials to hear how a little bit can go a long way. After years of working with some of the biggest brands in the country, we are constantly offering value to partners, and day of coordination is an area we are personally passionate about and excel in.

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