Trade Show

Need: With the rapid excitement of crypto currency and need to educate a vast audience, originally approached The Kat Agency to assist with 6 booth hostesses during the MIami Crypto convention.

How we approached it: Assembling a team of 6 Trade Show hostesses familiar with finance and the crypto market, The kat Agency created a designated uniform for Training the hostesses in advance, The Kat Agencies founder, Kat Quinn, personally attended the event to ensure given the high profile, everything met her standards. hostesses were featured on CNBC and the content gathered would be used for a global marketing campaign. Seeing great success from the hostesses a global campaign was organized including cities such as Tokyo, Mexico City, Dubai, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, and more. Enjoying the high attention to detail of The Kat Agency and its talent, a dedicated brand manager was transferred to to travel to all conventions and lead the team