Trade Show

Need: With the rapid excitement and expansion of crypto currency, came a need to educate a vast audience, and recognized this need. They originally approached The Kat Agency to assist with 4 booth hostesses during the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, FL. They had never hired hostesses before, and needed to ensure they were knowledgeable on Crypto Currency.

How we approached it: The Kat Agency sourced a team of 4 Trade Show Hostesses to represent by focusing on the following traits: Crypto Experience or Knowledge, Trade Show Management, and Social Ability. The team needed to be familiar and comfortable with topics such as finance and the crypto market, but they also needed to be approachable and able to point out a true lead. The Kat Agency styled a custom uniform for so the hostesses would stand out, and trained the hostesses in advance. The Kat Agency’s founder, Kat Quinn, personally attended the event to ensure the best results and that everything met her standards. hostesses were a huge hit, not only because of their female presence in the male dominated field, but also because of the charisma, intelligence and ability to connect so well with attendees. They were a highlight of the show and even featured on CNBC. secured The Kat Agency for the following year of conventions: a total of 8 conventions including: Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dubai, Seoul, Korea, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. They even hired one of the trade show hostesses full time through The Kat Agency to manage the brand and all conventions. To this day, we enjoy representing

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