Street Teams

Avenue Magazine

Need: Avenue Magazine by New York Hearst Publishing does a one of a kind Art Basel Magazine every December in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach. Featuring artists and socialites of Art Basel, Avenue Magazine needed to ensure that every attendee, hotel and restaurant had a copy.

How we approached it: The Kat Agency created a street team of 6 people, in custom branded wardrobe, to engage the public around Art Basel Miami Beach and Art Miami in Midtown. Breaking the team in half, 1 ambassador stayed with the car and maintained the daily allotment of magazines. The other 2 ambassadors would hit the streets with branded canvas bags. The Kat Agency stored all magazines in their facility for easy unloading each morning of activation day. We activated in prime times when attendees would be entering or leaving the art shows, and would station our ambassadors high traffic areas.

Results:The goal of the campaign was to hand out as many Avenue Magazines as possible and reach the maximum amount of interactions. For 3+ years in a row now, the Kat Agency has executed with tremendous results, and now completes the same campaign in numerous other markets.