On/Off Premise Sampling

Gran Centenario Tequila

Need: Gran Centenario, a newly established Tequila brand from Mexico, was trying to enter a densely populated Southwest and Midwest market. Looking for ways to drive consumer awareness and adoption, Gran Centenario’s marketing agency approached The Kat Agency for a plan to achieve this.

How we approached it:Partnering with the Marketing Agency who specialized in Banner and POS materials, The Kat Agency built a team of over 250 Sampling Experts across the Southwest and Midwest United States. Focusing on 7 states and 20 markets, a unique “Angels on Earth” campaign was conceptualized. Organizing and completing a sampling campaign comprising of 1,000+ on and off premise activations in a 6 month period, The Kat Agency provided everything from wardrobe + kit management to recaps and sales incentives. Organizing events like beach, river and park cleanups, our promotional models offered complimentary drinks and promotional swag at partnering bars to all who assisted.

Results: The campaign was only originally segmented to be 300 samplings, but because of tremendous success that was achieved, the campaign was extended to over 1,000 samplings. We continue to partner with the Marketing Agency, however, the bottling facility was damaged in the 2017 Earthquake, and all future campaigns have been put on hold as they need to produce more product. The Kat Agency continues to manage other national campaigns of similar size and scope.