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ICON Las Olas

Need:ICON Las Olas, one of the tallest and most prominent buildings south of New York, was finally open to the public and needed a new set of marketing materials. One of the most luxurious building on the East coast, they were converting some units from apartments to condos and needed lifestyle photos for their marketing campaign.

How we approached it: Collaborating with EPIC media and the League of Extraordinary Artists, The Kat Agency worked closely with the producers to craft 3 couples portraying a variety of looks. The building wanted to appeal to a certain market with a wide age range so couples needed to range from early 30s to late 50s. We captured content in all the major highlights of the building including: fitness center, cycling room, yoga room, pool, spa/massage, outdoor areas, rooftop dining, office space and general meeting areas as well as inside the apartments. We even captured the day in the life of an Icon Resident by visiting popular restaurants, riding vespas down Las Olas Blvd, and walking along the intercoastal. The Kat Agency ensured all talent had sufficient wardrobe, hair and makeup and were on brand with the status of the building.

Results: The campaign was executed on time and on budget. The Kat Agency has continued its relationship with all parties to this day, and have now completed over 10 projects of similar scale.

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