Event Management

Keys resort: Pelican

Need: Pelican Resort in Key Largo, FL is an isolated resort away from most population centers. A VIP wedding was taking place over the weekend and the Resort and the Event Planning Team needed additional on site coordination and production assistance.

How we approached it: 2 veterans of The Kat Agency were sourced to stay at the resort and assist with everything from guest check in and logistics, to ensuring proper transportation and guest experiences. Being the first to arrive and the last to leave, our coordinators prepped place settings, blew up inflatables, and steamed dresses. No task is too little or too large for The Kat Agency Coodinators.

Results: A seemingly impossible wedding went off without any hiccups. Guests had an incredible time, and most importantly, the bride and groom were able to enjoy themselves. The Kat Agency has established a relationship with the resort and event planners to offer short term coordinators in the future.