Brand Activation


Need:T-Mobile was looking for alternative ways to promote its brand at the 2018 MLB Championship located in Miami, FL. Creating the idea of a large scale brand activation during the home run derby, they need a large number of people to make the activation happen.

How we approached it: The Kat Agency sourced over 150 people, including 12 managers, to present a unified “magenta moment”, during a specified time and cover the stadium in magenta swag. Completing training, doing a dry run, it was crucial all 12 teams enter and distribute swag at the same time. Having no cell phones from 50,000+ people in attendance, this couldn’t be organized at a specific time (as the home run derby didn’t have a set schedule), and the teams weren’t visible to each other. A specific tone was set as the marker to have all Brand Ambassadors complete a massive distribution of swag.

Results: The Kat Agency successfully organized the 150+ Brand Ambassadors, got them all through security, in branded attire, and brought in the swag to specified points to be distributed. The timing was flawless and featured on national Television as well across social media.