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5 tips to Finding a Top Promotional Modeling Agency

Finding a top promotional modeling agency is easier said than done. With so many talent agencies in Miami, choosing the best one that would fit your needs, takes research and a serious approach to the matter. Hiring the wrong models can result in significant loss concerning both time and money, so you need to play your cards right. A promotional model is more than a pretty face, and you need to find an agency that features versatile talent. Their models need to be thoroughly equipped for the job, both physically and intellectually. A pretty face that does nothing more but putting on a smile from time to time won’t present your service or product the right way.

Choosing the right promotional agency may mean the difference between a successful promotion and a complete failure.

Follow these five tips to finding a top promotional modeling agency in Miami:

Know Your Venue

Have precise information about the venue where this event of yours is taking place. Is it an elegant setting? Is it casual? Is it strictly professional? You also need to have an idea about the type of attire that is going to be at the event. It is crucial to ask yourself all of these questions when you start searching for the right agency.

A successful promotional modeling agency will know what type of models fit in any given venue and they also know how to dress up the models for specific events. You don’t want girls in shorts presenting your super-technical product to a group of intellectual people in suits and ties.

Leave the provocative attire for outdoor events, bar or liquor promotions. When it comes to conventions, trade shows, and various activities, models need to be dressed as business professionals with a sexy twist. A sexy business attire works wonders compared to shorts and cropped tops at these events.

Have a Clear Idea of Your Booth's Appearance

The venue itself is significant, but the way you want your booth presented is crucial as well. Do you want a professional booth that’s composed to fit your industry perfectly? Or maybe you would like to shake things up and show up with a booth that’s unique, eye-catching, and perhaps even adventurous? If you’re thinking about the latter, maybe you should consider models who specialize in experiential marketing.

Top promotional modeling agencies feature a wide range of talent to make your booth unique and remarkable. The Kat Agency has professional dancers, including ballerinas and break-dancers. They also have bartenders, if you should need them, along with mixologists and cocktail servers. If you aren’t sure how to make your booth stand out, the agency will help you out enabling you to work alongside their stylist to come up with the perfect setting and perfect costumes for the models.

However, choosing to have a professional booth doesn’t mean you should select any agency or any model. A professional booth that’s tightly tied to the industry it represents requires educated models with high conversational skills.

You need to distinguish the tone of your event so you can ask the right questions when exploring modeling agencies.

Hire Experienced Models

Perhaps the most important aspect you should take into consideration is the level of experience a model has – especially in your specific industry. New models may be charming and beautiful, but in some cases, that’s all they are. If you are looking for a model who knows how to present relevant information about your brand, product, or service, then you should look for promotional modeling agencies that feature experienced models.

A model who has been working at events similar to yours for years knows how to behave, but also what works, and what doesn’t. An experienced model does these things for a living and she is prepared for any situation or any conversation. In addition to being experienced, the model should be bubbly, very conversational and friendly – all of these perks come with experience. A fresh model will give your event a pretty face, but if it’s more than a pretty face you need, the experience is what you should be looking for.

Search for the Right Agency

With so many agencies to choose from, you need to have a mindset that accepts nothing but the best. The right agency will not only present their choice of models for your event, but they will also offer valuable advice on handling your promotion correctly. A successful agency has a wide range of models for you to choose from and they know precisely which of their models would fit your event.

The Kat Agency doesn’t only feature pretty faces; we prepare each of our models for every event. We make sure they have all the crucial information about your brand, product or service to represent you in the best possible way. If you’re looking for a combination of experience and beauty, the right choice should be an agency that combines these two seamlessly.

Keep your Audience in Mind

Do you know who you are trying to reach? Promotional models typically bring better results when they see what type of audience they are working with. If you expect attendees from mixed cultures and mixed values, choosing a bilingual model might be a perfect choice. Fast-thinking agencies feature models who speak several languages, and they also feature models from various cultures. When selecting the right promotional agency for your event, you need to make sure that the models can easily relate and engage with the attendees.

Keep in mind the fact that there are male promotional models as well as female for you to choose. Male promotional models do wonders in specific environments where female models might fail.

Choosing the right top promotional agency in Miami to staff your event with professional models and present your brand the best possible way does take some work, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Contacting agencies and hearing them out can be fun and you will learn a lot of things about a world you probably never knew much about.

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