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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for Promo Models in Miami

One of the most critical factors of any trade show or a promotional event is hiring the right promotional models. If you’re searching for top promo models in Miami to promote your brand effectively at an event, making the right choice is crucial for your event to be successful.

Having the right promotional team by your side can make all the difference in the world. It can make or break your ROI. However, saying you are going to hire the best promotional models and doing it are two different things. There are many talent agencies in Miami and making the right decision for your event takes some planning. You should consider many different things when hiring the right staff for your promotions; you can’t just walk into an agency and order models – it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you shouldn’t.

Like all things in life that matter, finding the perfect promotional model takes careful planning. Here are the five most important things to consider when it comes to finding talent in Miami:

What Kind of an Agency Fits Your Needs

A successful modeling agency in Miami will have a team of people who already know what kind of models work for your particular industry.

One of the most important things here is not to confuse a traditional staffing agency with a talent agency. A typical staffing agency doesn’t feature actual talent. They have a wide range of people who are there to staff your event and do mundane tasks. These people aren’t models, they aren’t easily spotted in a crowd, and they aren’t eye-catchy. Additionally, their job is to act as the staff, not to promote a brand or product. They usually aren’t experienced with promotions simply because that’s not something they do on a regular basis.

However, the most successful modeling agencies also do event staffing, in addition to featuring gorgeous promotional models. If you find the right agency, you will have a variety of options to think about. Top promotional agencies in Miami feature beautiful, educated talent that’s going to be super-excited about your brand and represent it with enthusiasm and lots of energy. With a talent agency, you can get promo models AND staff. It’s a win-win!

Experience Level

One of the crucial things to consider when searching for promo models is their experience level with the type of event you are hiring them for.  In case you are looking for models that would only pass out promo material and smile to attract attendees or just extra staff to support your booth without any unique interaction with the visitors, you should do well with models who are new to the industry. But, if you’re looking for a promo model to present information about your product or demonstrate the way your product works, you should consider hiring an experienced model that has many successful events under their belt. These kinds of models need to have impressive resumes, and they need to have the right skills and experience to present your product correctly and take your brand’s presence to the next level.

Model's Education

Is your product or service specific or highly technical? If so, education is a significant factor for you to consider when choosing the right promo models. For particular industries and highly specialized products, you will need promotional models that are intelligent and educated. Only a trained model will make sure your brand, product, or service is showcased professionally and in the best possible way. When a model has high levels of education, they will be comfortable with all of the attendees; they won’t feel intimidated by the intelligence of any attendee. Instead, they will be able to have intellectual conversations with them.

Is the Agency Established?

When choosing the right agency, you need to know if they have specialized in the sort of events you are looking to present your brand at. The right agency didn’t start working yesterday. It’s an agency with a rich history of working with brands that are similar to yours, and they usually have an extensive list of clients with fabulous reviews of past presentations. If you put your brand in the hands of a young agency, you might end up with a headache. An established agency will be able to give you the proper staff, but also the right advice because this is something they have been doing for years, preferably even decades. The Kat Agency, for example, has enough years of experience and enough successful collaboration with various brands to show for.

Phone Interviews and Video Reels

If the agency provides you with the possibility of speaking to the models via phone, then it is highly recommended that you take this opportunity. Five to ten minutes are enough for a brief conversation so you can get a sense of how friendly and well-spoken the model you are considering is. It’s important to note that you should be reasonable and understand the fact that promotional models are very busy and that speaking with them for more than 5-10 minutes is unnecessary. It is enough time for you to realize whether the model has the personality and intelligence you are seeking.

Video reels are also a useful tool when considering the right promotional model for hire. The reels can be of the model in action at a trade show or an event, or they could be a short introduction from the model speaking to the camera and introducing themselves. These videos should contain enough material for you to decide if the model is a right fit or not.

It’s not enough to search for just any modeling agency. To make things work, the combination of your brand and the agency has to be right. It needs to look and sound right. Leaving your brand in the wrong hands may destroy the public image of your brand and company. Even if it doesn’t ruin it, it might make you invisible and your brand insignificant. To avoid complete waste of time and resources, you should look for agencies that feature the exact kind of models you need.

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